You can use our shortcode generator, from the WordPress editor, to add and configure the shortcode. As alternative, you can insert the shortcode manually, under your content, using the following configuration:

carousel_id: you need to add a unique ID for the current carousel.
carousel_layout: you can leave blank this option or choose one of these layouts, layout-1|layout-2|layout-3|layout-4|layout-5
product_items: Add -1 to display all products or insert the number of products to display
product_onsale: Set this option ON, to display only the on sale products
product_bestseller: Set this option ON, to display the best seller products for first
product_category: Add All or insert the ID of each category, separated by a comma
product_columns: Set the number of colums for this carousel.
product_rating: Set this option ON, to display the product rating
product_latest: Set this option ON, to display the latest products for first
product_dots: Set this option ON, to display carousel dots

Shortcode example

[ wip_woocarousel_products_carousel carousel_id=”carouselID” carousel_layout=”layout-1|layout-2|layout-3|layout-4|layout-5″ product_items=”-1″ product_onsale=”off|on” product_bestseller=”off|on” product_category=”All|ID” product_columns=”1|2|3|4…” product_rating=”off|on” product_latest=”off|on” product_dots=”off|on” ]

Option panel and shortcode generator.

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