Free version


You need to insert the shortcode, using the following configuration:

product_items: Add -1 to display all products or insert the number of products to display
product_bestseller: Set this option ON, to display the best seller products for first
product_columns: Set the number of colums for this carousel.
product_rating: Set this option ON, to display the product rating
product_dots: Set this option ON, to display carousel dots

[ wip_woocarousel_products_carousel product_items=’-1′ product_bestseller=’off|on’ product_columns=’1|2|3|4|5…’ product_rating=’off|on’ product_dots=’off|on’]

Option panel and shortcode generator.

Here the video of the premium version, on WooCarousel Lite the shortcode generator and option panel are similar.

Shortcode example

Important: If the following shortcode doesn’t work, check each shortcode option and replace with a single or double apostrophe, then remove the space between [ and the shortcode name.

[ wip_woocarousel_products_carousel product_items=’-1′ product_bestseller=’on’ product_columns=’4′ product_rating=’off’ product_dots=’off’]